All your APIs in one place

All your APIs in one place

GraphBolt explores your AWS accounts and finds all your AppSync APIs. Manage them all from one single desktop app. No more switching between browsers, tabs, accounts or regions.

Your accounts are safe. GraphBolt, uses your local AWS named profiles credentials. Everything happens on your machine.

GraphQL client

Test your APIs effortlessly

Execute queries, mutations and subscriptions with ease. GraphBolt includes a GraphQL client specially designed for AWS AppSync. (It's Postman for AppSync! 😉)

  • Organize your operations into collections
  • Input Variables
  • Built-in authentication with API keys, Amazon Cognito, IAM, OpenID Connect and Lambda authorizers
  • API documentation and autocomplete
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Deep dive into resolvers

Deep dive into resolvers

Quickly get into the guts of a GraphQL request's resolvers and find everything in one place.

  • Stats: execution time, start offset, etc.
  • Input and output of request and response mapping templates.
  • Content of the context object ($ctx.args, $ctx.source, etc)
  • X-Ray traces
  • CloudWatch logs
  • Errors
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Mapping template editor

Build resolvers in minutes

Easily test your VTL mapping templates and JavaScript resovlers.

  • VTL and JavaScript resovlers evaluation.
  • Inject mocked context data
  • Execute against real data sources (soon)
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GraphBolt is currently free of charge while in beta, download it now!


$9 /month

  • Individual license
  • Full features
  • Email support
  • Free updates


$99 /year

  • One month free
  • Individual license
  • Full features
  • Email support
  • Free updates


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  • Custom licensing
  • Multiple seats
  • Priority support

About the creator

Benoit Boure

With several years of experience building GraphQL APIs using AWS AppSync, I have consistently faced challenges when it comes to testing and debugging. To address this pain point, I developed GraphBolt, an all-in-one solution that streamlines the process of working with AWS AppSync, making it easier to understand what is happening inside resolvers and how they interact with the data sources.