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GraphBolt, an AWS AppSync GraphQL Client


Everything you Need. In One Place.

Consolidated Workspace

Stay Organized With Projects

Organize and manage your APIs into projects. Projects are workspaces in which you can group and manage multiple APIs at the same time.

Multi-account and Region

GraphBolt supports multiple AWS accounts and regions within a same project. You can easily group all the instances of your API (i.e. stages, or environments).

Tabbed Navigation

Embrace multitasking with tabbed navigation. You can easily switch between different activities and tasks without switching credentials, accounts or region.

Full-fledged GraphQL Client

Operation Collections

Save your Queries, Mutations and Subscriptions into re-usable collections, and easily execute them against any API in your project.

Built-in Documentation

GraphBolt automatically fetches your API's schema and displays it in a user-friendly way. Use it to build queries in a breeze! It also comes with autocomplete, syntax highlighting and validation.

Out-of-the-box Authentication

Forget about copy-pasting API keys and JWT tokens. The client comes with built-in authentication for all the supported AppSync authorizers: API keys, Amazon Cognito, IAM, OpenID Connect and AWS Lambda.

Deep Dive Into Resolvers

Quickly get into the guts of resolver executions and find everything in one place.

Detailed Information About Every Request

Get detailed information about every request you make. GraphBolt gathers and displays information in one place: Invoked resolvers, CloudWatch logs, X-Ray traces, Request and Response headers, and more.

Resolver Traces

Easily see the input and result of every resolver. GraphBolt captures and shows you the content of the context object, for every resolver or pipeline function, allowing you to better understand how they interact with the data source and the schema.

Write and Test Resolvers in Minutes

Resolver Collections

Just like with operations, you can save your resolvers into collections. Instantly evaluate them with mocked context objects.

VTL and JavaScript support

Both VTL and JavaScript resolvers are supported.

Monitoring and Statistics

Live Metrics

See CloudWatch metrics directly from GraphBolt in a nice and user-friendly UI. No need to switch to the AWS Console.


Quickly find out resolvers usage statistics such as the most invoked, and the slowest ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try GraphBolt for free?

Yes. You can try GraphBolt for free for 7 days. No credit card required.

Need more time? Contact us.

What is the refund policy?

Please refer to our Refund Policy page.

Is SSO supported?

Yes. GraphBolt supports SSO profiles .

How many devices can I use GraphBolt on?

One personal license allows you to use GraphBolt on up to 3 devices.

Do I have to install anything on my AWS account?

No. GraphBolt runs on your local machine and connects to your AWS accounts via your local profiles. Your data, logs, or metrics never go through our system.

We will never send your credentials anywhere and GraphBolt will be limited to your profile's IAM role permissions.

Will GraphBolt incur any additional costs on my AWS account?

It's possible. GraphBolt uses the AWS SDK to read from your AWS account. For example, CloudWatch logs ( FilterLogEvents, StartQuery) and metrics ( GetMetricStatistics), among others. Depending on your usage, this may incur additional costs on your AWS account.

Additionally, some GraphBolt features require you to enable logging on your AWS AppSync APIs which might also incur costs for ingestion and storage.

Please refer to the AWS Pricing page for more information.

Does GraphBolt support several AWS accounts and regions?


About the Creator

With several years of experience building GraphQL APIs using AWS AppSync, I have consistently faced challenges when it comes to testing and debugging. To address this pain point, I developed GraphBolt, an all-in-one solution that streamlines the process of working with AWS AppSync, making it easier to understand what is happening inside resolvers and how they interact with the data sources.

Benoît Bouré

Benoît Bouré

Creator of GraphBolt

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